Supreme Court Justice #3

The candidates were not surveyed because the Montana Code of Judicial Ethics encourages candidates not to answer surveys, despite U.S. Supreme Court rulings that such rules are unconstitutional. Information about the Supreme Court candidates was researched from publicly available sources. Those sources are linked here.

Kristen Juras

Dirk Sandefur

Religious Freedom
Once served as faculty advisor to the Univeristy of Montana chapter of “The Christian Legal Society,” a group that “defends the religious liberties of all Americans. Believes Christian businesspeople wanting to abstain from participating in same sex marriage are “Haters and bigots.” (Sandefur’s quote starts at about 3:38.)
Endorsed or financially supported by
Montana Chamber of Commerce; Errol Galt, Republican Party National Committeeman (former) Jorge Quintana, Democratic Party National Committeeman; Maggie Moran, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Montana
Spoke out against publishing explicit material using taxpayer dollars Sentenced an admitted child pornography user to five years in prison, half of what the prosecutor recommended.